Google webmaster tool (Google search console)

Google Search Console (previously Webmaster tool) allows to know if your site is infected with malware. It also allows you to communicate with google and adjust aspects of how Google see your websites, such as Internal & External links, by typing which keyword user land on your site, adjust crawling and indexing of your website, click rate of keywords and many more.

To set up Webmaster Tools, visit and sign in with your Google account - preferably the same one you use for Google Analytics. Click 'Add a Site'. And enter your site's URL. Next, you'll need to verify that the site is yours.

After verifying you can check whether Google Search Console is installed properly or not with the help of SEO Booster Secomapp App.

Step by step to verify your website to Google webmaster tool

  • Add a property and write your domain. An image

An image

  • click 'Alternate methods' and click 'HTML tag'. An imageAn image
  • Copy the meta tag follow this. An image
  • Open admin in Shopify and on 'SALES CHANNELS' choose 'Themes' in 'Online Store'. An image
  • Edit code theme in Shopify. An image
  • Adding meta tag below tag head if you copy before and save. An image
  • Go back and verify. An image